Give me truth…

Hey lovers, and wanderlusters,

This just might be one of the hardest blog posts I’ve ever had to write. I will try to keep to the point and not make this too long. I know your time is precious and I value the time you have taken to read this, and if you find it in your heart, or time to comment below, I will promise to read, and respond to every one of them.

Photo credit: WyldPhotography

I’m really struggling right now. The struggle is real, people, Continue reading “Give me truth…”

The journey continues | Day 35

Hey lovers and wanderlusters,

Here I am at last with an update.  We’re up to Day 35 into the WyldAndUntamed.  The video above is some insight into how I work.  I actually need LOUD music with a rhythm to write, function, just about do anything.  If you can’t imagine life with Music in it, then Continue reading “The journey continues | Day 35”